Past Events

Oct 17th, 2017
David Fiorazo, Author - "Redefining Truth" - Newly released Christian Issue Book Review
Oct 3rd, 2017
Leah Vukmir, US Senatorial Candidate
Sep 26th, 2017
Trevor Loudon, International Speaker - "Will Radical Leftist Visit Your Town
Sep 19th, 2017
Brett Healy, MacIver Institute - 2017-2019 WI State Budget & Critical Analysis
Sep 5th, 2017
Dave Murphy, Assemblyman, 56th District - "2017 Wisconsin State Budget, Foxconn, other Legislative Issues"
Aug 22nd, 2017
Jake Curtis, WILL Law Firm & Nate Nelson, American Majority - Electoral College - National Debate to Keep or Replace
Aug 8th, 2017
Jeff Miller, Lieutenant, Appleton PD, - "Sex Trafficking: A Fox Valley Problem?"
Jul 25th, 2017
Chris Stevens, JBS National Field Director - "Current NAFTA Renegotiation"
Jul 11th, 2017
Mark Griffin, Field Coordinator, JBS - "Support Your Local Police"
Jun 27th, 2017
Dr. Duke Pesta, Academic Director, FreedomProject Academy "Update on DeVos and on FP Academy"
Jun 13th, 2017
Julaine Appling, CEO WFC & Lorri Pickens, Citizens Against Expanded Gambling "Update on Moves to Expand Gambling"
May 30th, 2017
Panel on Congressman Gallagher. Plus a FP Academy Update.
May 16th, 2017
Matt Kittle, Reporter, The MacIver Institute, Madison WI - "Free Speech Suppression from the Left"
May 2nd, 2017
Nate Nelson, Executive Director American Majority- Wisconsin "Hold the Elected Officials Accountable"
Apr 18th, 2017
Daniel Weiss, Lt. Jeff Miller & Pastor Larry Creamer - "Sex Trafficking- A Local Problem"
Apr 4th, 2017
Trevor Loudon, Researcher "Congress, Islam & National Security" DVD
Mar 21st, 2017
Mike Thomas, County Board - "Spring Election Ballot Review"
Mar 7th, 2017
Captain Rudy Nyman, Investigative Services Commander, Appleton
Feb 21st, 2017
Tony Urso "Capital Update"
Feb 7th, 2017
Will McKinley, President Wisconsin Media Check Foundation "Going After Local Media Bias"
Dec 13th, 2016
Michael LeMay, GM Q90 FM "Humanism- the Death of Christian Thought"
Dec 6th, 2016
Medical Professor Ivan Lang "Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict"
Nov 29th, 2016
Alex Newman, Reporter for TNA "Today's 'Rightful Remedy' to the Feds"
Nov 22nd, 2016
Mike Gallagher, Ph.D. Conversation with the Congressman-Elect
Nov 15th, 2016
Julaine Appling, CEO, WFA Moving Forward--What It Looks Like Post-Election 2016
Nov 8th, 2016
Daniel Zimmerman, President with Christopher Schaefer, Collections Mgr Nat'l Republican History Museum
Nov 1st, 2016
William Jasper, The New American "Islamic Terrorism Leadership, Organization"
Oct 25th, 2016
Jeffrey Horn, Ph.D. "Legislative Agenda on Education"
Oct 18th, 2016
Kirsten Lombard, Ph.D. "The Rising Alternative-Right Movement"
Oct 11th, 2016
Daniel Weiss, Brushfires Fnd. "The Sexual Revolution's Threat to Liberty"
Oct 4th, 2016
Curtis Bowers, Documentary "AGENDA 2 Masters of Deceit"
Sep 27th, 2016
Arthur Thompson, JBS CEO, "The Civil War: Federation to Nation State"
Sep 20th, 2016
Jeff Holmes, Germantown Schools Administrator Seeks to Advance
Sep 6th, 2016
Lennie Jarratt, Heartland Institute "Educating School Boards"
Aug 30th, 2016
Dr. Lowell Holtz, Candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Aug 23rd, 2016
Brian Farmer "The Case for Restricting Muslim Immigration"
Aug 16th, 2016
Kevin Michalowski, Editor, CC "Handguns & Local Police"
Aug 9th, 2016
Marge Christensen, ADF "Protecting Religious Liberty"
Aug 2nd, 2016
The RNC, Sheriff Move, & Candidate Series Wrap-up
Jul 26th, 2016
Mike Gallagher, Ph.D. Candidate for Congress
Jul 19th, 2016
Candidate for Congress- Senator Frank Lasee
Jul 12th, 2016
Candidates for Assembly- Christopher Schaefer, Ron Tusler, JD and Josh Young
Jul 5th, 2016
Candidates in Treasurer Race- Lynn Murphy, Jack Voight, Trenton Woelfel
Jun 28th, 2016
Arthur Thompson, JBS CEO "Radical Personalities in America 1776-1876"
Jun 21st, 2016
Lieut. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, Steve Welcenbach "Scott Walker's Legacy"
Jun 14th, 2016
Larry Greenley, JBS “Special Interest Groups & the Article V Convention Movement"
Jun 7th, 2016
Christopher Schaefer, “Grover Cleveland: America's First Libertarian President"
May 31st, 2016
Paul Nehlen, “Why I’m Challenging Paul Ryan”
May 24th, 2016
Bob Donohoo via Skype, “Principles of Effective Activism”
May 17th, 2016
Robert Brown, JBS DVD "Constitution's Enumerated Powers, II"
May 10th, 2016
Mike LeMay, Station Mgr Q90 "Humanism's Destruction of America"
May 3rd, 2016
Mike Galagher, Ph.D. and Senator Frank Lasee "Candidate Forum"
Apr 26th, 2016
Alan Scholl, Exec Director, FPA "Effective Activism on Social Media"
Apr 19th, 2016
Robert Brown, via DVD "Constitution's Enumerated Powers"
Apr 12th, 2016
Representatives Dave Murphy & Mike Rohrkaste. Senator Roger Roth.
Apr 5th, 2016
“The REAL 'Zombie Apocalypse' - The True Effects of Anti-Depressants”
Mar 29th, 2016
Art Thompson, CEO, The JBS “Terrorism and the Brussels Attack”
Mar 22nd, 2016
Mike Thomas, Cnty Supervisor “Spring Election Ballot Review”
Mar 15th, 2016
Christian Gomez, JBS Research “Control over the Constitution”
Mar 8th, 2016
Joe Wolverton, II, JD via Skype “Nullifying Obama's Gun Control Orders”
Mar 2nd, 2016
Brian Medved, Germantown School Board "Update on the Common Core Battle"
Feb 23rd, 2016
Julaine Appling, Wisc Family Council "Capital Update"
Feb 16th, 2016
Mr. William Jasper via Skype "Behind the Oregon Standoff"
Feb 9th, 2016
Mr. Robert Brown via DVD "Article V Convention: Fact vs. Fiction"
Jan 26th, 2016
David Lewis, Steve Welcenbach "Recap of UN COP21 Climate Conference"
Jan 19th, 2016
Mr. Egide Nimubona "Crisis in Burundi"
Jan 12th, 2016
The NCFCA Homeschool Speech Contest
Dec 15th, 2015
Jenn Jacques "Protecting Our Second Amendment: What Responsible Carry Looks Like"
Dec 8th, 2015
William F. Jasper "Saving the Planet or Enslaving It? A Look at the Paris Climate Conference"
Dec 1st, 2015
"The Real Face of the European Union" Documentary & Discussion
Nov 17th, 2015
Mike Maharrey "How Nullification is Rebuilding the Republic"
Nov 10th, 2015
Congressman Glen Grothman - Capital Update
Nov 3rd, 2015
American History of Militarism and the Power to Bring about War
Oct 27th, 2015
WFC President Julaine Appling Protecting the Unborn & Traditional Marriage
Oct 13th, 2015
Senator Roger Roth Legislative Update from the Capital
Oct 6th, 2015
Alan Scholl "What is Responsible Citizenship?"
Sep 29th, 2015
Christian Gomez "The Growing Movement to Call a Constitutional Convention"
Sep 22nd, 2015
Hahn, Sheriff Gehring & Thomas "Political Battles over Law Enforcement"
Sep 15th, 2015
9/11 Press for Truth Documentary
Sep 8th, 2015
Rep. Andre Jacque & Matt Sande "A Hard Look at Planned Parenthood"
Sep 2nd, 2015
Dr. Duke Pesta, "An Indictment of Common Core"
Aug 25th, 2015
Dave Murphy, "What's Up With the Wisconsin Legislature?"
Aug 18th, 2015
Mark Griffin "The Effectiveness of the John Birch Society"
Aug 11th, 2015
Larry Greenley "Keep US Out of EU-style Pacific and Atlantic Unions!"
Aug 4th, 2015
Steve Byas "How to Keep State Lawmakers Accountable"
Jul 28th, 2015
Aaron Ensley "The Morality of Free Enterprise"
Jul 21st, 2015
David Fiorazo "The Cost of Our Silence"
Jul 14th, 2015
Sheriff Brad Gehring et al. "Relocating Outagamie Cty Sheriff's Dept & County Building Expansion Proposals"
Jul 7th, 2015
Marge Christensen "Same-sex Marriage: Now What?"
Jun 30th, 2015
Ken Griesbach "Independence in Early America: Four Essential Preachers"
Jun 23rd, 2015
Julaine Appling "A Supremely Important Opinion"
Jun 16th, 2015
Senator Frank Lasee "Legislative Update"
Jun 9th, 2015
Alex Newman "Crimes of the Educators"
Jun 2nd, 2015
Konetschny & McManus "The Americanist Perspective"
May 26th, 2015
Tony Urso "Update on School Accountability, Vouchers, Common Core, and More!"
May 19th, 2015
Larry Greenley "ObamaTrade: 'Fast Track' to a Transpacific Union"
May 12th, 2015
Rep. Rob Brooks "Food Stamps, Concealed Carry, and Article V"
May 5th, 2015
Jim Fitzgerald "Redefining the Role of Local Police"
Apr 28th, 2015
Loren Spivack "Defining and Defending Freedom"
Apr 21st, 2015
J.D. King "Earth Day, the Environment, and Freedom"
Apr 14th, 2015
"Election Results & RFRA Hysteria"
Apr 7th, 2015
Alex Newman "ObamaCops: Trends in Nationalizing and Militarizing Local Law Enforcement"
Mar 31st, 2015
Dr. Malcolm Allen "Nationalism vs. Islamism in the Arab World"
Mar 24th, 2015
Rep. Schraa "State Budget Update & Controversies"
Mar 17th, 2015
Rep. Hutton & Sup. Thomas "Repealing Prevailing Wage"
Mar 11th, 2015
Regent Tim Higgins "UW Reforms in Gov. Walker's Budget"
Mar 3rd, 2015
Chris Martinson "Why Conservative Patriots Should Run for School Board"
Feb 24th, 2015
Ken Van Doren "Answering the Critics of Auditing the Fed"
Feb 17th, 2015
Mike Lafave & Jon Gorham: Right To Work: Challenges, Benefits, & Strategy"
Feb 10th, 2015
Is Your Congressman a Constitutionalist?
Feb 3rd, 2015
Kurt Kielisch "Keystone, Kelo, and the Constitution"
Jan 27th, 2015
School Accountability: What You Need to Know
Jan 20th, 2015
Dr. Timothy Houseal "The Grandeur of the Human Embryo"
Jan 13th, 2015
Dr. Duke Pesta "The Power of Stories"
Jan 6th, 2015
Marge Christensen "Protecting the Right of Conscience"
Dec 23rd, 2014
Seasonal Thoughts and Thank you's, No Luncheon on Dec. 23 or 30.
Dec 16th, 2014
Richard Church "The Religious Beliefs of the Founders"
Dec 9th, 2014
Brian Farmer "Is 'Right to Work' Right for Wisconsin?"
Dec 2nd, 2014
Art Thompson "Trading Away Your Freedom"
Nov 25th, 2014
Jeff Horn "Learning with Leviathan: Common Core, Technocracy, and the Jobs of the Future"
Nov 18th, 2014
"Architects of Cultural Revolution" (Rescheduled)
Nov 11th, 2014
Colin Gunn "Wait Till It's Free"
Nov 4th, 2014
John McManus "The United Nations Exposed"
Oct 28th, 2014
"Re-examining Appleton's Showpiece Library & the Office of State Treasurer"
Oct 21st, 2014
Isaac Orr "Will Fracking Make My Water Catch On Fire?"
Oct 14th, 2014
Kirsten Lombard "Finding Common Ground to Fight Common Core"
Oct 7th, 2014
Rohrkaste & Gomez "Campaign Update & Liberal Ballot Referenda"
Sep 30th, 2014
Charlie Meadows "Chambers of Commerce: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
Sep 23rd, 2014
Richard Church "How the 14th Amendment Changed Everything"
Sep 16th, 2014
Kayla Gabrielse "Fighting the 'War on Women'"
Sep 9th, 2014
Thomas, Biggar, & Kielisch "Examining Appleton's $42 Million Library Proposal"
Aug 26th, 2014
Dr. Malcolm Allen "'Trigger Warnings' and 'Checking Your Privilege': News from the Contemporary University"
Aug 19th, 2014
Dr. Ben Townsend "Legal Snares for Churches & Civic Organizations"
Aug 12th, 2014
Kurt Hyde "How to Rig an Election: Lessons from Tyrants"
Aug 5th, 2014
Dr. Toby Watson "Psycho-fraud: How the VA, Medicaid, & Politicians Enrich Big Pharma at the Expense of the Vulnerable"
Jul 29th, 2014
Rep. Duey Stroebel "The Role of a Citizen Legislator"
Jul 22nd, 2014
Brian Sikma "Key Primary Races and Legislative Agenda for 2015"
Jul 15th, 2014
Dr. Kevin Green "From Corporatist Medicine to Free-Market Medicine"
Jul 8th, 2014
Wisconsin Business Coalition "Navigating Regulations and Corruption"
Jul 1st, 2014
Ken Griesbach "Civil Religion: How the State co-opts God and beguiles Christians"
Jun 24th, 2014
Duke Pesta "Are Educational Standards Necessary?"
Jun 17th, 2014
Aaron McEvoy "Nuclear Power: Still Promising or Passé?”
Jun 10th, 2014
55th Assembly District Candidate Forum
Jun 3rd, 2014
Alan Scholl "Who Owns the Children? The Dangers of Government as Parent & Educator"
May 27th, 2014
Julaine Appling et al. "Does the Traditional Family Matter?"
May 20th, 2014
Dr. Chuck Meseck "Violent America"
May 13th, 2014
Sen. Glenn Grothman "Devastating Dependency"
May 6th, 2014
"What Is (or Are) the United States"
Apr 29th, 2014
Matt Trewhella "The Morality of Resistance"
Apr 22nd, 2014
Bill Savage "Local Taxpayers for Less Government"
Apr 15th, 2014
Rebekah Bernhoft "To Harass Our People: Why the Income Tax Must be Abolished"
Apr 8th, 2014
Ken Van Doren "When Economic Development Is Not"
Apr 1st, 2014
Konets & McManus "The Americanist Perspective"
Mar 25th, 2014
Jim Duncan "Progressives Target Local Elections"
Mar 18th, 2014
Dave Fiorazo "Countering Media Bias"
Mar 11th, 2014
Sara Buscher "Rationing and Obamacare"
Mar 4th, 2014
Larry Greenley "Secretly Trading Away Our Independence"
Feb 25th, 2014
Scott Bradley "Unseen Side of Balanced Budget Amendments"
Feb 18th, 2014
Tom Eddlem "Are Corporations People?"
Feb 11th, 2014
"Influence-Peddling Deadbeat or Vested-Interest Diversion?"
Feb 4th, 2014
John DeVantier, AASD Referendum, & Constitution Series
Jan 28th, 2014
André Jacque "Aborted Pro-life Legislation?"
Jan 21st, 2014
Larry Greenley "Article V Convention: Indispensable Tool or Risky Diversion?"
Jan 14th, 2014
Rep. Chris Kapenga "Article V Convention: Indispensable Tool or Risky Diversion?"
Jan 7th, 2014
Dr. Keith Smith "The Greatest Threat to Obamacare"
Dec 17th, 2013
Marv Munyon "Understanding the New World Order"
Dec 10th, 2013
John Macco "Leadership and the Road Back for America"
Dec 3rd, 2013
Sen. Frank Lasee "Legislative Update"
Nov 26th, 2013
Rep. David Murphy "Legislative Update"
Nov 19th, 2013
Chris Hanson "Straight talk in a World of Misconceptions Surrounding"
Nov 12th, 2013
Christian Gomez "Chinese Food, Financing and Fascism"
Oct 29th, 2013
Dr. Yuri Maltsev "Soviet Lessons for America and the Tea Party"
Oct 23rd, 2013
Rep. David Murphy "Legislative Update"
Oct 15th, 2013
Common Core Hearing Prep
Oct 8th, 2013
Carl Kerby "Creation & Consequences"
Oct 1st, 2013
Attorney Sara Buscher "Your Life or Death – Who Decides?"
Sep 24th, 2013
Christian Gomez: "The Life & Legacy of Dr. Larry McDonald"
Sep 17th, 2013
Julaine Appling "Religious Liberty: Threats & Solutions"
Sep 10th, 2013
Richard Church "The Commerce Clause Revolution"
Sep 3rd, 2013
Joy Pullman "Common Core & the Big Picture"
Aug 27th, 2013
Derek Ellerman "How the Hill Works"
Aug 20th, 2013
Art Thompson "The Free Trade Deception"
Aug 13th, 2013
Ken Dragotta "Fraud-friendly Voter Registration in WI?"
Aug 6th, 2013
Legislative Update from Sen. Lasee’s Office
Jul 30th, 2013
Kirsten Lombard - Private Property: Now You See It, Now You Don't
Jul 23rd, 2013
Tom Eddlem - Liberty vs Security: What is the Proper Balance?
Jul 16th, 2013
Heather Weininger - Activism thru Social Media
Jul 9th, 2013
Larry Greenley & Charlie Meadows: Amnesty & Activism
Jul 2nd, 2013
Ken Griesbach - The Declaration of Independence and the American Mind
Jun 25th, 2013
Dr. Toby Watson - Psycho-tyranny: The danger to health and liberty of mandatory mental health treatment
Jun 18th, 2013
Mary Black & Duke Pesta - Common Core Standards: It's all about Control
Jun 11th, 2013
Dr. Todd Berry "WI Budget Update: Debt, Deficits & YOU!
Jun 4th, 2013
Dr. Duke Pesta - University Ugly: Anti-Americanism from Kindergarten thru College
May 28th, 2013
Brian Farmer - Inside Islam: Personal Experiences & Cultural Implications
May 21st, 2013
Rep. Michael Schraa - Firearm Freedom & Legislative Update
May 14th, 2013
The Johnson Amendment & Pulpit Freedom
May 7th, 2013
Chris Schaefer - Solving the Social Security Crisis
Apr 16th, 2013
Steve Blake & Ken Walker - Abuses & Biases in Family Court
Apr 9th, 2013
Karen Schroeder: End the ED
Mar 30th, 2013
Tony Urso - State Legislative Update
Mar 23rd, 2013
Dr. Malcolm Allen - Plight of Conservatives in Liberal Academia
Jan 29th, 2013
Julaine Appling - Update & Implications of Domestic Partnership Registry
Sep 23rd, 2012
Dr. Jake Jacobs: Behind Barack - Exposing The Marxist Enemies Within
Industrial Wind Energy with Jamie Fletcher
Constitutional Convention Threat with Larry Greenley
Sustainable Tyranny with Michael Chapman
School Vouchers with Attorney Terry Hamilton
POLST national legislation: life or death who decides
Dolores Kester on “Smart Meters”